5 Best Content Marketing Agencies for SaaS in 2022 - Based on your stage and goals [In-depth Comparison]

Get a clear picture of what content marketing agency for SaaS is the best fit for you

5 Best Content Marketing Agencies for SaaS in 2022 - Based on your stage and goals [In-depth Comparison]

There are plenty of reasons to invest in your content marketing strategy if you’re a SaaS company, but you’re probably wondering how and where to begin.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to take care of everything yourself, as there are lots of SaaS content marketing agencies that can do all the heavy lifting for you, leaving you with ample time to focus on things you do best – like closing actual deals.

To help you find the perfect fit and save you precious time, we’ve singled out the 5 best content marketing agencies for SaaS. And don’t worry, we’ve made sure that there’s something for everyone – beginners and big shots in the SaaS industry alike.

The key points we’ve taken into account when creating this list are:

  • The main focus of their content marketing strategy;
  • The company’s process;
  • Case studies and customer reviews;
  • Their pricing plans.

If you’re in a hurry, you can quickly skim through the focal points right here:

Best content marketing agencies for saas
Best SaaS Content Marketing Agencies - comparison

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the in-depth analysis of the 5 best content marketing agencies for SaaS.

After reading it, you’ll be equipped with all the know-how you need to decide – we promise.

1. Contenthorse – content marketing agency for SaaS that gets you at least 150+ high-quality SQLs each month

Yes, we know, it’s easy to jump to conclusion that we’re shamelessly biased – as this is our blog after all – but do give us the benefit of the doubt and check out all the nifty stuff we have in store for our potential clients before making the final verdict.

Contenthorse provides content marketing services for SaaS that are focused on creating ROI-led content. Essentially, ROI led-content is content that converts – content that gets you high-quality leads and transforms visitors into customers.

The philosophy behind this approach is rather simple – organic traffic may be cool, but what if you want more than just that? A high number of visits that end up bouncing is far from anyone’s desired goal, and that’s exactly where content that revolves around organic traffic alone will land you.

Some companies, especially those that have already had their first couple of hundred or couple of thousand customers, actually need something that will get them more tangible results, such as a predictable stream of 150+ high-quality SQLs and a rising number of inbound-based customers each month.

And that something is precisely ROI-led content.


Over the last 5 years, Contenthorse’s team devised – while continuing to constantly update and enhance – a foolproof 5-step ROI-led content marketing process that’s bound to get you a predictable stream of 150+ top-quality SQLs every month.

What’s even better is that this framework works like a charm in 9 out of 10 cases, providing Contenthorse’s clients with a steady flow of new leads and inbound customers.

The only situation when this system might fail to deliver optimal results is when there is an inadequate Product-Market Fit of a given SaaS product. However, all it takes is a simple shift of focus towards a more appropriate market to get Contenthorse’s tested and perfected framework to do wonders for your business.

The framework itself consists of the following:

  • ICP research – Contenthorse is very systematic and thorough in creating your Ideal Customer Profile. They always go the extra mile to determine what the main pain points and problems your customers face are. Afterward, they discern what kind of content your customers consume the most and where they hang out on the web, so they know how and where to distribute their content to achieve the best results possible;
  • Devising a content strategy – after in-depth consultations with clients, including not only interviews with their sales and customer success reps but also with their customers, Contenthorse designs a 3 to 6-month strategy that will be the best fit for their client’s goals. They’ve got you covered in everything, from getting you high-quality leads to optimal conversion rates;
  • Content creation – the crucial part of the process is creating content that converts. That content includes everything from thoroughly researched blogs and in-depth comparison and alternative articles, to compelling case studies and success stories, as well as other types of product-led content;
  • Distribution – creating the greatest piece of content ever will be pretty much pointless unless you get your potential users to actually read it. That’s why distribution is a vital step in Contenthorse’s process. They take much care to distribute their content in all the relevant channels your users can be found at while optimizing it to suit each of these channels’ prerequisites;
  • Lifetime content CRO – Contenthorse’s team believes that their job doesn’t end with writing an actionable piece of content that does wonders in converting for a while. They promise their clients constant content conversion rate optimization for as long as they work together, making sure that their content is always fresh, engaging and maximizes conversions forasmuch as it exists on the web.

Is Contenthorse the right fit for you?

Contenthorse is very straightforward when it comes to content marketing services for SaaS they do and don’t offer, which makes it all that easier to see whether we’re the right match for you.

Namely, if you’re a SaaS company with an ARR of $500k-$5m, and you’re keen on getting more customers, an increase of revenue, and maximum conversion rates, then Contenthorse could prove to be the perfect match for you.

In addition, if you’re keen on seeing actual results fast and value high-quality articles over mass-production of mediocre content, Contenthorse will not let you down, since they’re specialized in creating actionable and engaging content that converts smoothly.

Any of this sounds like you? You can always schedule a free strategy call and find out if we’re a match in as little as 20 minutes.

On the other hand, if you’ve only just embarked on your journey to success and need more of a TOFU type of content and/or copywriting, then Contenthorse is not the best content marketing agency for you. Moreover, Contenthorse is currently focused on creating solely written content, which means that if you need content marketing services for SaaS products that are based on video or podcast production, we suggest you look elsewhere.

Success stories

Contenthorse likes letting their success speak for itself more than anything. They’ve collaborated with over 20 SaaS companies, bringing them more than $22m in ARR so far.

Some of their clients include companies you’ve probably heard of, such as:

In the end, by creating a predictable stream that generates hundreds of SQLs each month, Contenthorse helped each of these companies achieve their milestones for years ahead.


Contenthorse has an adjustable pricing plan, which depends on your needs, goals, and your budget.

The basic setup, which includes in-depth ICP research and creating a custom-tailored 6-month strategy that fits like a glove for your company, starts at $2590 one-off.

After Contenthorse’s team has determined what’s the best strategy for you, they begin with writing content. Each article is charged between $1000 and $3000, depending on how soon you expect to see the first tangible results, the number of new users you’d like to generate each month, as well as your overall business aspirations for growth and improvement.

Essentially, as we write anywhere from 3 to 4 articles/mo for our clients, you can expect your monthly fee to be somewhere between $3000 and $9000.

Have in mind that this price includes not only content creation, but also its distribution and lifetime CRO, so there are no additional hidden costs.

Furthermore, as our ultimate goal for each article is that it gets you over $500-$2000 in monthly recurring revenue, that means that you could expect a yearly ROI of 5-10x after only a few months.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our pricing and whether it fits your budget, you can always jump in a quick free strategy call and we’ll gladly answer all of your questions.

In any case, if you’re excited about ROI-led content that’s going to get you high conversion rates for as long as it exists online, and want only the finest quality blog posts and articles for your brand, then Contenthorse is the best content marketing agency for SaaS you’ll find.

2.   Foundation Inc – best content marketing agency for SaaS if your main concern is an effective content distribution

Foundation Inc is a content marketing agency that works with B2B brands and helps them generate more leads, traffic, and overall revenue. They’re not exclusively specialized in content marketing services for SaaS products, as they also collaborate with other industries, such as manufacturing companies and traditional “old school” industries that are only just beginning to migrate online.

Foundation Inc focuses primarily on content distribution, promising to help their clients stand out from the overcrowded market by preventing their content from disappearing in the void.


When it comes to content marketing services for SaaS in particular, Foundation Inc’s process consists of several steps:

  • Collaboration – they take it upon themselves to conduct a series of interviews with their clients so they could get to know them as thoroughly as possible, as well as discern their preferred goals, needs, and the stage they’re at in their journey;
  • Research – including industry, keyword, and competitors research, so they can get the best in-depth insights into everything crucial for devising an adequate strategy;
  • Strategizing – based on the previous two steps, creating a strategy means finding out what works the best for a given client and their needs, and adjusting content creation and distribution tactics accordingly;
  • Creation – Foundation Inc creates various sorts of content, including blogs, copy and white papers, as well as social media posts, email campaigns, cheat sheets, content templates, video content, and even quizzes;
  • Distribution – distribution is by far something Foundation Inc excels in, as they’ve mastered the game when it comes to finding appropriate distribution channels and optimizing content for every one of them, so a client’s content won’t get drowned in the noise.

Are they the right fit for you?

If you’re a SaaS company that needs an all-inclusive approach in your content marketing strategy with a particular emphasis on distributing content over as many channels as possible, then Foundation Inc is probably the best content marketing agency for you.

They have a very wide variety of channels and distribution mediums covered, which can come particularly handy if you’re still in the TOFU part of your journey and need to build presence and awareness by attracting as many new visitors as possible.

Success stories

As success stories are crucial for discerning whether a company’s strategy and approach to content marketing is indeed a good fit for you, Foundation Inc offers several case studies that prove their expertise.

They’ve had a wide range of clients, including:

It seems, however, that Foundation Inc clients have a fondness for secrecy, as none of them are named on their website. Truth be told, that can be a little disconcerting for a prospective client who relies heavily on other companies’ experience and likes to put an actual name and a face to a case study.


Things get a bit murky with Foundation Inc when it comes to pricing.

Namely, there’s no one specified pricing plan on their official website, but rather a short form an interested client is supposed to fill out to get a custom-tailored proposal from the Foundation Inc team.

However, based on the information that can be found on Clutch, Foundation Inc’s starting price is $5000, while their hourly rate falls in the range of $150-$199.

So, to sum it up - if you require an agency that can handle creating, adjusting, and distributing content via almost any channel, then Foundation Inc is the best content marketing agency for your SaaS products.

3.   Animalz – best content marketing agency for SaaS if you’re an enterprise

Animalz delivers content marketing services mainly to enterprises, and VC firms, with their main focus being high-quality long-form content: that is blogs, case studies, white papers, and the lot.

As they’ve collaborated with many big players, such as ZenDesk, GoDaddy, Google, and Wistia, it’s safe to say that Animalz is best suited for devising content marketing strategies for large enterprises.


Animalz offers a pretty broad range of content marketing services for SaaS products, including:

  • SEO consulting – not only do Animalz conduct keyword research and editorial planning for their clients, but they also offer audits of their existing content. That way, they single out, refresh, repurpose and reinvigorate old, dull content that’s been collecting dust somewhere in the woods of SERP, which results in higher organic traffic and more leads;
  • Building brand awareness and lead generation – Animalz creates content for every funnel stage, depending on the current needs of their clients. They produce how-to articles and thought-leadership blogs for TOFU, as well as ebooks and whitepapers for their clients that are more interested in the MOFU and BOFU type of content;
  • Product marketing – they take care of marketing by writing video scripts, creating knowledge base articles and case studies among other things;
  • Distribution and promotion – Animalz also offers writing email and social media copy, as well as helping with the process of link building to disseminate the content as widely as possible.

Are they the right fit for you?

Although Animalz works with different types of businesses, they are probably the best fit for enterprises.

Namely, very large companies have high demands when it comes to various types of content and its timely distribution, and are keen on finding an agency that can cover them from top to bottom, including devising complex marketing strategies in addition to content creating.

The thing that allows Animalz’s team to cover a lot of different areas of content marketing is that it consists of a variety of “curious and talented folk”, to put it in their own words. That includes all sorts of profiles: from writers to researchers, strategists, and editors, which is exactly what you need if you are in charge of an enterprise.

What’s more, running an enterprise also means having a pretty substantial budget. That’s one of the key factors in deciding whether Animalz is fit for your business, as this agency undoubtedly stands on the very highest end of the price range.

So, if your business is an enterprise that has enormous needs for all-around support when it comes to content marketing plus you have a budget that’s nothing short of massive - because you’ll need to roll out some serious cash for these folks - then Animalz should be your first pick.

Success stories

When it comes to case studies, Animalz is surprisingly scarce, as there are no in-depth success stories to bear witness of their expertise.

Rather, they have several excerpts on their site which are mainly focused on the benefits of content audits, some of which include a lift in organic growth, better Google SERP ranking, and an increase in sessions.

At the moment, there are no reviews on any of the relevant sites – such as G2 – either, so we can’t tell for sure how Animalz’ clients feel about them and whether they’ve achieved their desired goals.

On the other hand, if we’re to judge by their blog, it would seem that Animalz most definitely has both the experience and the needed know-how to get your enterprise’s content marketing machine going.


Although Animalz didn’t disclose their pricing plans on their website, Kristen Craft, their General Manager, has disclosed in an interview with Peep Laja that their starting price was $7500/mo for 4 articles back in 2020.

Given the overall inflation and the fact that content marketing services for SaaS are only becoming more expensive, it’s safe to assume that their current prices are much higher.

As of now, there is no update on pricing information on their site – in turn, they encourage their potential clients to “quit horsin’ around and get in touch”.

Since the form a prospective client has to fill out has a field for monthly marketing spend, the best guess we can make is that Animalz can adjust their pricing plans following your budget.

So, if you’re an enterprise with a very comfortable budget that needs a versatile range of services, then Animalz is the best content marketing agency for your SaaS products.

4.  Refine Labs – best content marketing agency for SaaS if what you need is a full-funnel approach

Refine Labs is a marketing agency that covers not only content creation and distribution but is more of a full-funnel agency that stands by you every step of the way.

They specialize in providing services for B2B SaaS companies and are dedicated to helping their clients achieve optimal growth by accelerating pipe velocity, decreasing customer acquisition costs, and improving general marketing ROI.

They offer a staggering range of content marketing services for SaaS, including but not limited to:

  • Funnel and pipeline accountability analysis,
  • Custom dashboards of metrics, tracking, and targets,
  • Demand and product marketing,
  • Digital media execution, content & creative strategy, and owned PR,
  • Experimentation and constant innovation in their strategies.


As far as their process is concerned, Refine Labs have created a loop strategy consisting of 3 steps they’ve tested at over 60 SaaS companies:

  • Strategy – first step of the way is building a strategy using their Pipe growth framework, which means they analyze their clients’ funnel and pipeline, take note of the metrics and goals they aim to achieve, and devise a plan that’s going to have the biggest possible ROI;
  • Execution – Refine Labs proceed by executing their strategy, which consists of product and demand marketing, digital media execution and PR, and others. That way they can see what works and what doesn’t and move on to the next step;
  • Research – while devising and later implementing their strategy, Refine Labs’ team always does their research along the way. They try to deduce what the current marketing trends are and get a firm grip on the ever-changing ways of doing business. They pay much attention to the so-called “Dark Social”, which may sound fancy and mysterious, but is quite a simple and intuitive concept: it implies getting feedback and invaluable insights from actual customers, rather than relying on attribution software.
  • Repeat – after having researched every nook and cranny they could think of, Refine Labs gather the data and the acquired knowledge, only to implement it in their future strategies. Furthermore, they never miss updating their marketing playbooks and knowledge database they call The Vault which consists of their insights, benchmarks, reports, and trade secrets.

Are they the right fit for you?

Refine Labs is much more than a content marketing agency, as they offer a whole range of services other than content creation and distribution.

They are a piece of full-fledged steaming machinery that takes care of everything from complex market and funnel analysis, to the creation and execution of grueling marketing campaigns and anything in between.

If you run a huge SaaS business that has very high demands and must have everything covered flawlessly from top to bottom, and you’ve struggled with seemingly endless sales cycles and big customer acquisition costs, then Refine Labs will surely get you growing – and smoothly.

On the other hand, smaller and medium-sized businesses don’t need such intricate machinery to back them up. The reason is simple - they generally have much more room and options for scaling and improvement than well-established brands that have already been plateauing for a while.

Success stories

On their website’s Creative gallery page, you can find several examples of successful campaigns they’ve created for various brands.

Some of their clients include:

  • Dandy – a digital dental lab whose brand Refine Labs helped promote by shedding new light on common, outdated dental practices, showing medical practitioners the benefits of going fully digital;
  • Hubilo – a virtual event hosting platform Refine Labs assisted with raising brand awareness and standing out from the crowd of similar platforms;
  • Pathwire – an email outreach platform whose logo (Hermes, the herald of the gods) was put to clever use by Refine Labs’ team, as they’ve devised an entire campaign revolving around common symbols from Greek mythology which they’ve incorporated smoothly in the relevant narrative.


Another thing that proves the point that Refine Labs are the best content marketing agency for SaaS only if your company is a huge and well-greased business with a hefty budget at your disposal is their pricing plan.

Namely, their plan starts at an astonishing $31,600 per month, with a small disclaimer at the bottom that informs the potential client that the monthly price increases with higher monthly advertising budgets.

The number speaks for itself, so there isn’t much need to elaborate further. All we can do is conclude that Refine labs most definitely do not fall in the range of affordable content marketing agencies for SaaS.

To wrap it all up, if you run a big ol’ SaaS business and have lots of money to spend on an all-inclusive marketing strategy, then Refine Labs might just be the best content marketing agency for SaaS that will meet all of your needs.

5.  Content Allies – best content marketing agency for SaaS if podcasts are your preferred type of content

Content Allies are a B2B podcast production agency, meaning that they help their clients with lead generation and promotion of their brands using podcasts as the main medium.

Given that podcasts were one of the fastest-growing mediums in the past several years, Content Allies have decided to make the most of it by targeting an audience that prefers consuming content audio-visually to reading it.


What makes Content Allies stand out from other podcast-based content marketing agencies for SaaS products is that they both book and produce podcasts. That way they have you covered from A to Z.

Their process consists of pre-show and post-show services:

  • Pre-show – they handle everything for their clients, from guest outreach with a focus on industry experts and potential ideal customers, to making schedules, taking care of artwork and other details, and providing the necessary equipment and space if you need one;
  • Post-showaudio production, publishing and promoting, coordinating social media promotion, and writing podcast summaries are some of the things Content Allies deliver to their clients after the podcast has been filmed. That means that the only thing the client has to do is show up for the podcast and talk to the guest who might turn out to be their next strategic partner or a big prospect.

Are they the right fit for you?

Businesses that need to raise brand awareness while investing as little time as possible, and are intent on using podcasts as their main channel, would do well by choosing Content Allies.

Having your podcast booked, produced, and promoted by the same agency can save you a lot of time. Not to mention that podcasts are a great opportunity to create lasting relationships with other professionals or experts in your industry which in turn provide you with much space for growth.

In addition, podcasts are a type of content that can easily be repurposed and redistributed in a form of social media posts, short videos, articles, and quote blocks. That way you can have more than one medium covered by investing time in just one relatively short interview.

To conclude – if you find podcasts to be the next big thing of content marketing and would like to give them a try, then Content Allies are the optimal choice when it comes to the best content marketing agencies for SaaS.

Success stories

Content Allies have produced quite a few podcasts for various clients. Those podcasts were both well received with the audience and helped their clients build relationships with prospective partners and customers.

Some of their satisfied clients are:

  • Experience.Care – a company that creates and manages electronic health records for long-term care organizations has started a podcast called LTC Heroes that helped them land interviews with some of the most influential people in their branch;
  • Unstoppable Domains – a company dealing with NFT domains that’s managed to launch a successful podcast at a very fast pace of publishing at least 3 episodes per week;
  • Content Allies themselves – the coolest way of proving your strategy is the best is implementing it yourself, and that’s exactly what Content Allies did. They’ve used their expertise to create their own podcast, Leaders of B2B, that they claim has brought them a revenue of $100k in the first 4 months of running.


Even though Content Allies did not specify the exact amount they charge for their many services on-site, the founder of Content Allies, Jake Jorgovan, mentioned that their pricing starts at $3000 per month.

On the website itself, there’s a short form, similar to previously mentioned ones, that invites potential clients to schedule a call and hear what they have to offer first-hand.

So, to sum it all up – if you are eager to run a podcast as the main medium of content creation and distribution, Content Allies are the best partners you could wish for in the sea of content marketing agencies for SaaS.

Final verdict - what’s the best content marketing agency for your SaaS?

Some key takeaways always come in handy when deciding, so:

  • If you aim for raising brand awareness and broad and effective content distribution is what pains you the most, the best content marketing agency for SaaS you should go with is Foundation Inc – they’re experts in making the most of every medium out there;
  • If you’re an enterprise backed with a budget nothing short of hefty, and you’re looking for all-inclusive SEO services plus first-rate content to get your business going, then Animalz is your go-to solution;
  • If you’re one of the big shots and need an agency that delivers every service imaginable in the digital marketing domain, one of the best content marketing agencies for SaaS that you could choose is Refine Labs – it may cost an arm and a leg, but it will get you covered;
  • If you see yourself as a host of a successful podcast that establishes you as a thought leader in your industry and provides you with the opportunity to meet potential clients and business partners then look no further than Content Allies – they’re the best content marketing agency for SaaS when podcasts are concerned;
  • If on the other hand you are keen on seeing tangible results as quickly as possible and are eager to get only top-notch content that converts like a charm with a guarantee of lifetime CRO, then welcome aboard, as you’ll find everything you need right here with Contenthorse – the best content marketing agency for SaaS when it comes to creating ROI-led content without fail.

Schedule a free strategy call with Contenthorse’s team and start getting 150+ high-quality SQLs each month through content.