3 Techniques to build great relationships with your dream customers

Relationships are the backbone of long-term success. Here are my three favorite techniques for building them.

3 Techniques to build great relationships with your dream customers

Relationships are the backbone of long-term success.

People buy from people they trust.

The only way to build trust with someone is to create a great relationship with them.

Building relationships won’t just bring you more customers but also open many other doors in your life.

Relationships are the primary way how I’m growing Contenthorse and Podino.

I’m trying to build relationships with people I admire and people who are my dream clients.

At some moment down the road, if we manage to build a great relationship, they’ll become my clients.

If not (which is also okay), they might refer some of their friends to me.

Either way, my business is growing.

So right now, let me show you the X best ways you can build relationships with your dream customers as a SaaS company:

1. Invite them to the podcast

Having a podcast is an excellent (and frictionless) way to build great relationships.

By inviting them to your show, you’re putting them in the spotlight.

You have an opportunity to learn about them and their needs first-hand.

You have an opportunity to create content together.

Once you create one, two, three pieces of content, you can pretty much already be considered friends :) Joke on the side, podcasting is a great way to build relationships.

I’m using this technique as a first touch when trying to build a relationship with someone.

On the other hand, I’ve also seen many people succeed with this.

2. Send them personalized videos upon signing up

It’s about doing things that don’t scale :) Personally, whenever some SaaS founders fill out a form on Contenthorse’s site and want to work with us, I send them a short, 1-minute personalized video.

Some other SaaS companies who are my clients also use this technique to send personalized videos to everyone who signs up.

You mention them by their name and officially welcome them to your product.

Some of them will reply to your email so you can later continue building the relationships.

Some of them won’t.

But everyone will appreciate that nice gesture of you.

If you’re getting a lot of sign-ups and trials each month, you can record a general video that’s the same for everyone, and then import record a 3-sec video for everyone saying “Hi George!” or whatever their name is.

And then just put that video at the beginning of the general one.

My team, clients, and I use Sendspark.com to record those videos.

3. Warm up your dream customers

Here’s another unscalable but highly effective way to build relationships.

Create a list of, let’s say, 100 dream accounts you would like to have.

Add them to the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and every couple of days, visit their LinkedIn profiles.

The idea is to engage with them and their posts.

If there’s nothing relevant and valuable, you can comment on it, just like their posts.

If you can provide additional value, then comment on their posts.

After some time of actively engaging with them (let’s say for about 2-3 weeks at least), the idea is to move the conversations to the inbox.