3x your conversions - 6 plays to improve your copy/content and get more conversions [Based on psychology]

After studying hundreds of landing pages and thousands of blog posts, here are my best 6 plays to use to get more conversions through content and copy.

3x your conversions - 6 plays to improve your copy/content and get more conversions [Based on psychology]

Once people land on your website, your main goal is to convert them into leads or customers.

But how exactly do you do that?

I studied hundreds of landing pages and probably thousands of articles over the last couple of years.

I’ve read the most prominent copywriting gurus out there, such as Ogilvy.

So no matter whether you’re writing a copy for the landing page or content for one high-intent blog post, here are my best tips for optimizing them for more conversions.

1. Identify your dream customer

I know this is a cliche, but I need to mention it.

It’s unbelievable how many founders and marketers still do not know their dream customers, as well as they, should.

Step out of the building and speak with your potential customers.

Interview your existing customers. Interview your competitors’ customers.

Ask them things like:

  • What are your biggest problems right now?
  • What are the things that keep you up at night?
  • How are you currently solving them?
  • What prompted you to buy {product name}?
  • What do you like the most about {product name}?
  • Etc.

2. Write for one, not for many

If you write for everyone, you write for no one.

Narrow down your ICP and write for that specific person.

Think about their biggest struggles and adequately address them inside your content.

Think about their biggest desires and point them out during the CTA section (or, how I like to call it, “buying time”).

But keep in mind that you should be as specific as possible.

Remember, riches are in the niches.

3. Each sentence should prompt your readers to read the next one

This is probably the most important thing to keep in mind while writing copy or content.

When writing your copy, don’t think about the end goal.

In that case, you won’t be able to see the tree from the forest.

Just focus on the following sentence.

The purpose of your copy is to make your readers read the following line.

Then the next one. And the next one after that.

Writing copy (or content) is pretty simple when you put it like this.

4. Forget about the jargon and features. Focus on the benefits.

I, as a user, don’t care if your product is powered by VR, AI, Blockchain, or whatever else.

I only care about what that product does for me.

How does it make my life easier?

What goals help me accomplish?

Will your product save me 10 hours of my time each week?

Is it going to make me an additional $1m per year?

Naturally, we often fall too much in love with our product that we can’t easily differentiate features from the benefits.

So put an end to it.

From the ICP research you did in the first step; you should know what your dream customers secretly desire the most.

Now connect your product with those desires.

5. Justify the reason why should they click on your button

The last piece of the cake is the offer.

Many people talk about irresistible offers (i.e., Russel Brunson, Sabri Suby, $100m offers book, etc.).

Study them.

But in short, the irresistible offer must:

  • Have a mind-blowing price - make sure that the gains your customers are getting are 10x worth the price they’re paying you.
  • Have social proof - People trust people. They trust their peers. As a potential customer, I am more likely to convert if I see that 1000 other people like me bought from you.

6. Be human

Last but not least - be human.

Try to humanize everything you do, from writing to creating visuals to running your social media.

Put the faces of you and your teammates on everything you create.

It builds trust and better engages with your potential customers.

Write the way you talk.

Show the real you - the real people behind your brand.

Talk about your weaknesses.

Be vulnerable. Be human.