How to build a well-oiled machine for producing a lot of high-quality content

Creating a lot of high-quality content might be time-consuming - but not with this framework.

How to build a well-oiled machine for producing a lot of high-quality content

The main goal of content marketing is to get you more customers or leads. Now we can do that in two ways:

  1. By focusing 3% of our market who are aware of the problem and actively looking for a solution
  2. By focusing on other 97% of our market who are either not aware of the problem or not aware of the solution.

Although I’m usually the fan of the first one - especially for early to mid-stage SaaS companies (because it brings results in the shortest time), it’s important not to underestimate (or forget) the other 97% of the target market.

The goal of content marketing for the other 97% of our market is to create a “mental availability” and affinity between them and our product. So when the moment comes, and they experience the problem we’re solving - our product will be the first choice in their mind.

But, how do we get to that stage? How do we accomplish that?

The answer is: to continuously inspire them and educate them on the channels where they hang out.

And to do that, we need to create a lot of inspiring and educating content for multiple channels.

That must be hard, right?

If you follow the framework I’m about to tell you right now - it shouldn’t be.

First off, you want to start with the content type that’s easy to repurpose.

The best ones are podcasts (even better if you can do video).

  • So record a podcast episode (the same as I’m doing right now)
  • Repurpose that podcast episode into a blog post
  • Create 2-3 LinkedIn posts and 2-3 Tweets or Twitter threads out of one blog post
  • From the video you recorded, create 2-3 shorter video snippets (1-minute hooks and 2-5-minute promos)
  • Distribute the podcast on podcasting networks and your YouTube
  • Use videos on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube
  • You also have at least 3 LinkedIn posts and 3 Twitter posts - schedule them for some days.
  • Boom, now you have 10+ pieces of content on 5+ different channels, out of one podcast episode.

If you want to go pro, you can also repurpose your content into Quora answers or posts for some specific communities.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to start your show, you can speak on other podcasts. Or you can do a mix of both - it’s your choice.

If you do this the right way, your product will keep a special place in your potential customer’s minds in a year.

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