5 Most common reasons why your content marketing fails [+Solutions]

Correct those 5 mistakes and you'll see the conversions blowing up.

5 Most common reasons why your content marketing fails [+Solutions]

Here are the five most common reasons why your content marketing fails (and what to do instead):

Your strategy is optimized for traffic, not conversions

Many content marketers and founders focus their entire content marketing strategies on getting more traffic to their websites.

They go after the most popular keywords with the biggest search volume.

Now don’t get me wrong, traffic is important. After all, you can’t have conversions if no one visits your website.

But the quality of the traffic is more important than quantity.

One hundred people who are already looking for solution like yours are more worth than 10.000 people who still don’t experience the problem you’re solving.

So instead of optimizing your content for more traffic - optimize it for more conversions.

Go after keywords with less search volume but better, high intent.

You don’t know what triggers your potential customers to buy from you

We, as marketers, tend to think we know everything about our customers.

But in reality, that’s not the case.

People don’t buy rationally or logically. They buy by using emotions.

The best way to understand what triggers your users to buy from you is to ask them.

Step out of the building, jump on the quick calls with your customers and ask them:

  • What were the most significant problems you experienced before using our product?
  • How were you solving those problems before?
  • What prompted you to buy?

You don’t distribute your content

I have a motto - create once and distribute forever.

Although it’s 2022, I still see many businesses not distributing their content after (or before) publishing.

So let me ask you a question:

What’s the point of publishing your content, waiting for six months to rank first on Google, only to find out it doesn’t convert?

In that case, those six months and everything else you did was for nothing.

So, instead of waiting and praying, use the proactive approach.

Distribute your content immediately to the places where your audience hangs.

Run Google AdWords campaigns. Repurpose your content into different types of content for various mediums.

Try to start getting traffic as soon as possible, so you can quickly iterate if they don’t convert.

You don’t constantly optimize your content for more conversions

We should treat blog posts as landing pages. They’re also a medium to get more customers, so why not treat them the same?

When we’re working with our clients, once the articles we wrote start getting traffic, we always try to optimize them for more conversions.

That way, we’re maximizing the ROI our clients get from each article we write for them.

Take a look at different metrics and make your content even better.

For example:

  • Small Click-through-rate? Try writing a more engaging headline
  • Small reading time? Try writing a more engaging introduction
  • Big reading time but low conversions? See if you adequately addressed users’ problems and used the key triggers that will prompt them to convert.

Your content doesn’t solve a problem

Everything we talked about before was from a strategy perspective. Now let’s talk from a writing perspective.

Content that converts is the content that solves a specific problem.

Think about your blog posts this way:

The purpose of your blog posts is to move your readers from point A to point B.

That’s why they’re reading your blog.

They want more insights. They want more value. They want solutions to their needs.

If they’re not looking for those things but instead looking for entertainment, they would go and read The song of Ice and Fire or other fiction books.

Here’s my secret for publishing engaging content.

Before hitting the publish button, ask yourself: “Is this piece really the best on the web for the given subject?”

Ans answer it honestly. If you think it isn’t - don’t be lazy. Go back and write an even better one.

If it is - you’re good to go.

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